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NCCCC Members in Action – Facility Services Group Share

Chamber Member organizations across the state are answering the call to support the coronavirus (COVID-19) response effort. Facility Services Group specializes in commercial interior maintenance. Much of their work is floor maintenance, and disinfecting spaces. FSG began disinfecting back in 2014 to protect employees when entering spaces. As the recent crisis began to set in, […]

What You Need to Know About Sanitizing Carpet

YES – it is true, what goes up must come down. However, that does not mean fogging your space will sanitize your carpet or other soft surfaces! Why? Dirt, soil, and anything foreign to the carpet or fabric can act as a food source for bacteria and will work itself down into the backing and […]

Chip Grimes Discusses His Commerical Flooring Maintenance Business in Philadelphia

Chip Grimes, co-founder of Facilities Services Group, a commercial contractor business in northern Philadelphia, and Kemp Harr discuss the growth of the flooring maintenance side of his business. Recorded at this week’s Starnet Floorcare meeting, in the interview Chip talks about his firm’s venture and success on this side of the business. Listen to the […]


From CPAs to Falling Concrete Experts

Greg Fylak will find you an expert on blood, signatures, weather, anatomy or falling concrete. Chip Grimes will brush the dirt from your office carpets. Mark Olazagasi can get your business computer back on track after a disaster. One common thread links their businesses. They all started in an incubator that also hatched an accounting […]

Stair Tread Restore Demo

FSG had been called to see if there was anything that could be done to repair these stair treads and landings. The client had thought about replacing them, but decided to explore some options. The facility was willing to incur the expense of the replacement but FSG felt there was a potential savings to the […]

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Patient Room and Bathroom Cleaning Demo

When we arrived there was a patient that had just been moved out. We had asked EVS to clean the room out prior to us starting. These photos show contrast in a broad view of what the area looked like before and after we cleaned the floor.   As you can see from the before […]


Resilient Flooring & Ceramic Tile Case Study

Chip Grimes, President of Facility Services Group in Philadelphia, talks to Bill Luallen about his experience with a resilient floor and ceramic tile project at a healthcare customer’s facility. See phenomenal before and after photos from the sheet vinyl and ceramic tile floors (wait ’til you see the grout photos!) and learn the process used. […]

Why Efficiency is Key to Increasing Floor Care Profit

We can all agree that profitability, regardless of industry, is the end goal for any organization. While turning a profit can be a challenge, increasing the bottom line is a more common obstacle for many flooring maintenance businesses. For most, the first step to boosting profits is improving efficiency. Floor care is an industry heavily […]


FSG Project Used in Antron Case Study

A recent Facility Services Group floor care success story has been published as a case study by the manufacturer. Check out the downloadable PDF from Antron, and discover how FSG solved a carpet cleaning dilemma that had others stumped. View Antron Case Study.