What You Need to Know About Sanitizing Carpet

Incorrect carpet sanitizing method

YES – it is true, what goes up must come down. However, that does not mean fogging your space will sanitize your carpet or other soft surfaces! Why? Dirt, soil, and anything foreign to the carpet or fabric can act as a food source for bacteria and will work itself down into the backing and between the fibers. The fogging chemistry will only sit on the surface and will not do anything below.

Incorrect carpet sanitizing method

For best sanitization results, it’s important for carpet (a porous surface) or fabric to be cleaned effectively prior to the application of any disinfectant. Removing the foreign matter first through proper hot water extraction allows the disinfectant chemistry to focus exclusively on weakening any viral threat that may exist. Proper cleaning also removes barriers such as oily substances that may block or inhibit the actions of the disinfectant in sanitizing the surface of a fiber.

Proper Carpet Cleaning Procedures

  1.  Vacuum the entire space
  2. Deep clean using hot water extraction methods
  3. Application of an EPA Registered Disinfectant (look for chemistry that is also CRI SOA approved) that provides soft surface sanitization instructions. Make sure it is pH neutral!

Once the sanitization processes have been completed, a routine maintenance cleaning program should be put in place to maintain the healthy condition of the carpet or upholstery. The sanitization process can then be a periodic service and does not need to be repeated with every cleaning.

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