• Upholstery after cleaning with FSG's proprietary Foamtech method


Facility Services Group employs FSG Foamtech® Fabric Solution to properly clean, sanitize, and protect your seating and cubicle wall panels, creating a healthier and more productive work environment. Office furniture cleaning is a cost-effective way to extend the life of the furniture and upholstery in your office while keeping your office space looking and feeling fresh.

Dirty chairs and furniture panels damage more than just air quality—morale suffers and so does your company’s brand. Soils weaken furniture fabric (over time) and cause expensive and disruptive early replacement.

We can clean:

  • Task seating / Office chairs
  • Lobby and reception furniture
  • Panel fabrics
  • Draperies
  • Lounge seating
  • Theater seating
  • Conference furniture
  • Waiting room seating
  • Wall coverings