Patient Room and Bathroom Cleaning Demo

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Bathroom tile floor before and after cleaning

When we arrived there was a patient that had just been moved out. We had asked EVS to clean the room out prior to us starting. These photos show contrast in a broad view of what the area looked like before and after we cleaned the floor.


As you can see from the before picture the floor is loaded with dirt and particulates. In the after photo it’s very clear that we are able to remove everything and this also demonstrated the sheet vinyl is still in good shape.


These photos represent the amount of dirt that was on the floor. We used the bathroom as a staging area and if you look at the marble threshold (photo 1) you can see the dirt that has re-emulsified and is being tracked from the room to the bathroom. The second photo is the waste we collected in our machine.


Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process illustrating the dirt we are lifting off the floor.


The cleaning chemical is re-emulsifying the dirt and it looks like it is bubbling on the floor.


Cleaning Method

Due to the amount of dirt on the floor we had to clean the floor 3 times. This is a picture of the 3rd pass. Note the cleaning solution is not as dirty as shown in previous photos.


Patient Bathroom

The before picture was taken when we first arrived. The after was taken after we finished in the patient room. Note the cleaning of the bathroom only took 5 minutes.