Why Efficiency is Key to Increasing Floor Care Profit

We can all agree that profitability, regardless of industry, is the end goal for any organization. While turning a profit can be a challenge, increasing the bottom line is a more common obstacle for many flooring maintenance businesses. For most, the first step to boosting profits is improving efficiency.

Floor care is an industry heavily driven by labor, from the top down. Increasing efficiency throughout the entire organization is the first step in raising profits. But how do you do it? We reached out to three flooring maintenance experts to learn how establishing company standards, defining best practices, and building upon proven procedures can help cut down on waste and yield better earnings.

Chip Grimes, FSG

Mindset, to us, is the most important tool. If the crew (or anyone in our company) always knows that they are well informed about the company goals and objectives, have proper training, and understand everyone in the company is on the same page, then completing their task will become much easier.

We like to collect a lot of information during every phase of a project – this includes sales, demos, work execution, safety, project result, etc. All this information is shared so everyone in the company can be efficient, equipped, and well informed. We discuss this on a regular basis with everyone and we call it the FSG 3rd dimension.

Here is a simple example: my son loves extreme sports. He watches a lot of YouTube to figure it out, but when he goes out and tries he is not successful. It’s not due to a lack of effort or desire, it’s that he only has a 2 dimensional understanding. The FSG 3rd dimension comes from practice, experience, feedback, and most importantly, the right mindset.

Every day we work on the FSG 3rd dimension, which is pushing us towards our company’s strategic objectives.

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Story by XL North.