Is Your Work Environment Safe for Staff & Customers?

Cleanliness is now top of mind for everyone. How do you know your work space is safe for staff and customers?

Coronavirus has significantly changed the way staff and customers think about common daily interactions within building and office environments. More than ever, they have an acute awareness of a facility’s overall cleanliness and hygienic safety, and the assurance of a clean, healthy space is now a driving force in the market.

Before Coronavirus most businesses and organizations, outside of the healthcare industry, didn’t give janitorial services high priority in terms of budgeting and planning. While a clean appearance has always been important, the need for services to prevent infection wasn’t critical. Because of the pandemic it now is and in at least one state, Pennsylvania, regular cleaning and disinfection is mandated by law for buildings over 50,000 square feet.

Customers and employees returning to reopened offices want to feel safe, but what does it take to create a secure work environment? Three things: frequent cleaning, proper knowledge of cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and adequate testing and validation.

While no one can 100% eliminate viral and bacterial threats, FSG can minimize them. Here’s how.

Frequent Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection go hand in hand. Because viruses and bacteria grow in dirty environments, touch points can’t be effectively disinfected or sanitized without proper cleaning first. FSG cleans floors and surfaces first to ensure, once applied, the disinfectant chemistry will work properly.

Proper Knowledge of Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

Disinfection is a science, and with so much emphasis being placed on following proper safety and cleanliness guidelines, the need for professional service providers is more important than ever. Certified custodial technicians are growing increasingly valuable, and even for companies that don’t outsource cleaning, subject matter experts will be needed to field and troubleshoot any questions or issues that arise around disinfection procedures and regulatory compliance.

Established, experienced disinfection and cleaning service providers:

  • Offer ongoing training for technicians
  • Place emphasis on continuing education
  • Understand recommended best practices
  • Adhere to mandated guidelines
  • Utilize the most effective products and equipment

Adequate Testing and Validation

With many cleaning and disinfection services being performed during off peak hours, how can facility managers be certain their spaces were cleaned and disinfected adequately? FSG offers all of our maintenance, disinfection, and sanitization program customers validation on the services that we perform at their facilities.We can provide documentation showing what equipment and cleaning procedures were used. Additionally, using spot swab technology, we’re able to show that our disinfectant chemistry has enveloped objects and coated all surfaces. The validation received from FSG supports an organization’s efforts to safeguard employees and customers in their workplace and to maintain a clean, hygienic space.

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