Chamber Member organizations across the state are answering the call to support the coronavirus (COVID-19) response effort.

Facility Services Group specializes in commercial interior maintenance. Much of their work is floor maintenance, and disinfecting spaces. FSG began disinfecting back in 2014 to protect employees when entering spaces. As the recent crisis began to set in, they immediately started to focus on their disinfecting services for not only their staff, but also for their customers.

Sheri Gorman’s from the FSG Business Development office and was asked if they could provide services for Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center in Wilmington. Hilltop needed their offices disinfected and to begin preparation for re-opening their doors. FSG wants to give back to our local community and want members to feel safe and comfortable.

For more information on FSG, please contact Sheri Gorman, at or visit their website

Article originally posted on the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce website.

Chip Grimes demonstrating tile cleaning service

Greg Fylak will find you an expert on blood, signatures, weather, anatomy or falling concrete. Chip Grimes will brush the dirt from your office carpets. Mark Olazagasi can get your business computer back on track after a disaster.

One common thread links their businesses. They all started in an incubator that also hatched an accounting firm, marketing companies, an Uber for package delivery and a company that responds when a corporate plane crashes.

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Chip Grimes, President of Facility Services Group in Philadelphia, talks to Bill Luallen about his experience with a resilient floor and ceramic tile project at a healthcare customer’s facility. See phenomenal before and after photos from the sheet vinyl and ceramic tile floors (wait ’til you see the grout photos!) and learn the process used. See photos here.
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We can all agree that profitability, regardless of industry, is the end goal for any organization. While turning a profit can be a challenge, increasing the bottom line is a more common obstacle for many flooring maintenance businesses. For most, the first step to boosting profits is improving efficiency.

Floor care is an industry heavily driven by labor, from the top down. Increasing efficiency throughout the entire organization is the first step in raising profits. But how do you do it? We reached out to three flooring maintenance experts to learn how establishing company standards, defining best practices, and building upon proven procedures can help cut down on waste and yield better earnings.

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A recent Facility Services Group floor care success story has been published as a case study by the manufacturer. Check out the downloadable PDF from Antron, and discover how FSG solved a carpet cleaning dilemma that had others stumped. View Antron Case Study.

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